About Us

Paul Crane Tohlakai

Born on the Navajo Nation, Paul is Dine' (Navajo) and is known worldwide for his drums, horsemanship and other activities. 

Paul acts as a bridge between the Native American culture and the modern world. A man of great depth and knowledge, his life's work is a testament to his breadth of experience that extends far beyond his work as an artisan drum maker.

Paul lectures internationally on Native American culture, spirituality, and the issues facing both indigenous people and animals in our 'modern' world. He is a mentor to many as a spiritual advisor, and is actively involved in ceremonies - including the Sundance held on his family property. Paul also conducts regular workshops on drum making, horsemanship, and is actively involved in animal rights and other global issues - both national and international.

Artisan Drum Maker

Paul began making drums in 1991. He has developed his own signature style recognisable on each drum, including the lacing technique and the antler handle. The drum is a sacred instrument, representing the heart beat and connecting us to spirit should we allow it. Each drum is signed by Paul for authenticity.

Drums are typically made from either bison, elk, deer or moose hides. The hoops are cedar. These materials offer a beautiful tone and resonance to each drum, and it is  adjusted tuned throughout the drying process to achieve the highest quality of sound. 

Paul also continues to experiment with new materials to offer new sounds for players.

Beware of cheap imitations...

Many drums on the market are mass produced by suppliers who have little concern for quality, workmanship or paying their workers a fair wage. 

It is a sad fact that many commercial interests are exploiting Native Americans for cheap labor or having imitations made out of the country and market them as being genuine Native American Drums. 

Paul works internationally with the protection of Native American Crafts and the intellectual property of his people.More and more these traditional arts and designs are being copied (cultural appropriation) and sold by corporations with no respect or consideration to the traditional owners.

By supporting the craftsman directly, you know you are buying an authentic drum made with both pride and attention to fine detail. You also have the peace of mind of ensuring they are fairly paid rather than supporting sweat shops. We thank you for choosing to support our small business and ethical conditions.